Eurovision 2015: BigPoll 2015 kicks off

by Michalis Vranis 354 views

Continuing the tradition, Big Poll, the leading large-scale prediction poll for the Eurovision Song Contest, returns for the 14th consecutive year, powered by

Big Poll prediction for Eurovision

Since its launch, Big Poll runs under the concept of a prediction tool rather than another poll for deciding our reader’s favourites. The main idea behind Big Poll is the answer to a simple question “Can you predict how your country will vote in the contest?”.


Big Poll 2015

This year, BigPoll 2015 takes accuracy one step further. In order to validate users’ votes, we ask them to register using their cellphone numbers. No more Facebook and Email logins and IP & Cookie verifications. This year, we are making things much simpler for our readers and at the same time voting becomes as close to the real thing as possible . In this way, we ensure that the results are as close to the actual ones. The procedure for vote collection is simple as 1-2-3:

  1. You visit the main page of Big Poll
  2. Then you Register at Big Poll using your mobile phone number where you will receive by SMS a unique password generated for you
  3. Finally you select the show you want to vote for and after you rearrange the countries, you save your prediction
  4. You can return back to your ballots and change your predictions anytime

Why should I give you my number? will store your phone number during the period when BigPoll is open. No other personal details will be asked or assigned to your phone number, maintaining your anonymity. At the end of the contest, all numbers will be removed from our database. Your numbers will be safe and encoded on our database and we will NEVER share or sell them to third parties. We don’t spam.

The only reason we ask for your phone number is to verify the COUNTRY you are voting from as well as give you the option to LOG IN and change your prediction easily. will never charge you for any of the SMS you receive.

Big Poll ballots for every show will close at 18:00 CET before actual show.