Finland: Being different can be an advantage

by Robin Scott 246 views

Recently the German music site has written about the Finnish punk band PKN while band members appeared on Finnish Television talking about their Eurovision participation.

In the ampya article, Vincent Grundke discusses how it can be an advantage if you don’t fit into the expected Eurovision world.

He starts by explaining that the band has a vision, to raise public awareness for Down Syndrome.

You would have thought that at the Eurovision Song Contest one would have seen all sorts. Folkloric sounds from distant regions, adulation on love, lots of flashy costume madness and even metal with the monsters of Lordi! But this one division has not yet been fought in Europe’s biggest music show: Punk Rock!

Continuing he describes some of the members as the three snotty careless chords that belong to every good punk party, with Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät who inspire a completely different way.

We rebel in various ways against attitudes, but we are not political. We change the settings a little, many people come to our concerts and we have many fans. We do not want people to vote for us because they feel sorry for us, we are no different than other people – just regular kids with learning disabilities.

Last Friday evening on yle, the Finnish broadcaster’s evening programme, Puoli Seitseman  included two members of the group, Sami Helle,  bassist, and Kari Aalto, main vocalist. They expressed their opinions of the other songs in the Eurovision Song Contest.

They explained that they had been watching the Swedish preview programme series on svt1, Inför Eurovision Song Contest. Not one to hold back in his opinions Sami said that if you excluded their own songs the others were simply bad. His thoughts were that Eurovision songs do not change with the times and they their song is good because it is fresh and different.

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät will be singing Aina mun pitää in Eurovision Song Contest semi-final 1 on May 19.