Poll: Which country should host Eurovision if Australia wins?

by Michalis Vranis 680 views

Lots and lots of speculations caused by Mr. Björkman’s comments regarding which country will host the next Eurovision Song Contest in case Australia wins (and they have strong chances to win according to bookmakers).

Let’s take the story from the beginning

The EBU decided to approved this year’s host broadcaster’s proposal (ORF) to invite as a VIP guest SBS, the Australian broadcaster, and permit the country to compete in this year’s contest. Given the fact that Australia is a great fan of the contest, the idea came true, and Guy Sebastian will be the first ever, and according to EBU, the last Australian participant for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Upon this decision, one of the questions emerging was What if Australia wins? Obviously, the EBU reference group had to predict a plan of action in this case. The decision was simple: SBS will have to reach out to a European broadcaster and agree to collaborate and co-organize the contest for 2016.

Few days ago, Christer Bjorkman (member of the reference group) answered this question to SVT’s tv show Inför Eurovision. His answer was not clear enough, explaining that in the case of Australian victory, SBS would co-organize the contest in collaboration with NDR, the German broadcaster. Quick enough, this answered caused a stir at the Eurovision community but the reaction from the EBU Officials was rapid and gave no space to misinterpretation: SBS would have to decide the next host country in case they win.

But is this fair?

From the feedback ESCToday receives the last few days from our readers, we clearly see that not everyone is keen on the scenario of Germany hosting the contest if Australia wins. The opinion that the United Kingdom should host next Eurovision because the two countries share the same Monarchy system, is quite popular. Also there are others who suggest that the second runner up should be the host country and collaborate with Australia, and this suggestion sounds quite popular too.

Which country do you believe should host the contest in case Australia wins?


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