Greece: Maria Elena Kyriakou releases Greek version of her song

by Eleanor Cooper 388 views

Earlier this week, the Greek representative in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest released the Greek version of her competing entry, One last breath.

Maria’s song will be performed in English on the night, but she has released a version in Greek for her fans from her homeland. You can listen to the song below

Maria’s song is titled ‘Mia anapoi’ (One breath) in Greek. The music is written by Efthyvoulos Theokarous and Maria Elena Kyriakou and the Greek lyrics are written by Vangelis Konstantinidis.  Konstantinidis has also written two songs for Greek Eurovision legend Sakis Rouvas, ‘Theleis i den theleis‘ in 1998 and ‘Hronia Polla‘ in 2004. You can read the lyrics of ‘Mia anapoihere (in Greek).

Maria Elena Kyriakou will perform ‘One last breath‘ in the sixth slot in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, on Tuesday 19th May.

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