Finland: International premiere for Lordi’s documentary

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Lordi may be one of the most memorable music groups to come from Finland. You may have seen them on stage, at the Eurovision Song Contest and performing across Europe, but soon you will be able to follow their story in a documentary called Monsterman.

As reported on the Finnish documentary maker Antti Haase has agreed to show his film at the DOXA Documentary Film Festival on Saturday 9 May 2015 in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

The concept

Talking about his production, and the rock band’s leader comments:

I wanted to understand why I grew up to be an adult and Tomi never did. At the same time, this film shows that Lordi is not just a latex clown performing simple hard rock tunes from the 1980s. I have found a creative genius and hidden world of beauty, tragedy and comedy behind the mask of my beast friend.

The story that is told may not be quite what people will expect, especially as they see the character on stage without knowing who is behind Mr Lordi.

The story

Monsterman is a moving story and Tomi Putaansuu is described as:

A real-life drama about a boy who wanted to be a monster and who did everything to live his dreams. Despite Lordi becoming a world-wide phenomenon in 2006, five years later, they were hundreds of thousands of euros in debt and weren’t able to land any high-profile gigs. Tomi was forced to close the Lordi restaurant and the highlight of the year seemed to be a performance for a group of Russian travel agents.

Despite all this, Tomi  with full support from his parents and friends stayed true to his dreams and hung on to his ideal world of monsters.

You may wish to read our earlier articles Lordi in Exeter and A brief history of Lordi, who took part at Eurovision’s Greatest Hits. Antti Haase will attend the DOXA Documentary Film Festival from 4 – 11 May 2015.

Monsterman official trailer

Stay tuned to for more news on past participants in the Eurovision Song Contest.


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