United Kingdom: Lulu returns with a new album and UK-tour

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Lulu, who represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 1969, Madrid, Spain, and eventually one of the four winners, has released a new album. She will also embark on a UK-tour.

Lulu’s new album takes her away from the mainstream pop-genre, and ventures into the retro-soul style, popular at the moment. The album Making life rhyme is Lulu’s first new album in ten years, featuring almost all self-written songs, plus two covers.

Making life rhyme fits in very well within the retro-soul genre. In an interview with Lewis Corner in Digital Spy-news, Lulu says:

First of all I wasn’t going to do an album. I said ‘I’ve done a couple of clubs and we’ve done a bluesy set. It went down well. I loved it. I got some great reviews and that’s always difficult! Then my band ganged up on me! They said ‘You should do an album with stuff like this!’ and I went ‘Shut up! Who’s going to buy it, no-one’s interested in me. No-one’s into buying an album of mine; It’s a waste of time, I’ll never get a deal.

Anyway, they sort of convinced me that it would be a good idea and I thought ‘I should just do it for the hell of it.’ I don’t know if my manager went to different labels or he went straight to Decca, but he came back and told me they said ‘Well, we’re interested, but we like the new ones better than we like the old ones. Can she do some more new stuff?’ and I went ‘You’re kidding me, they didn’t say that!’ and he said ‘They did, they don’t want the old ones, they want you to write more songs’ and I went ‘A record company is actually going to give me a deal if I write mine.’ It was the furthest thing from my mind. Not that I think I’m over it or that I’ve had it, but I’m very realistic and I have got a good business head.

Here you can read the entire Digital Spy-interview with Lulu.

Listen to Lulu’s new song Faith in you here:

Making life rhyme by Lulu will be released on April 13 2015 on Decca Records.

Lulu will also embark on a UK-tour, presenting songs from her new album, from her career, and songs that are dear to her, under the banner An evening with Lulu: performing her hits and songs that have influenced her life. These are the tour-dates:

All shows begin at 19:00 BST (20:00 CEST). Read more at www.gigsandtours.com.

Lulu (Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, 1948), is a British singer of Scottish origin. She represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 1969 in Madrid, Spain, eventually becoming one of the four winners, with the song Boom bang-a-bang:

Lulu’s Eurovision-performance added to her international career, which has been going steady up to this day.

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