The Best of the National Finals Season: Part 2

by Gil Laufer 163 views

Right before we’ll have some more exciting Eurovision stories written in the history book, let’s take a loot at what we had so far! Following the national finals tightly since 2005, here is my top 10 moments of the 2015 National Finals Season! 

6. Norway: NRK’s Orchestra in MGP

What could be better than a return of the orchestra? NRK’s orchestra was accompanying this year’s 11 entries in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix and everything came to life. It just sounds much better when you add a couple of violins (and not just invisible ones)

5. Hungary: A Dal 2015

A Dal was introduced as the Hungarian national selection in 2012 and was soon declared (by me, at least) as Eastern Europe’s top selection, after Romania had the crown in the mid-late 2000s. With high level entries and national finals including almost only local Hungarian songwriters and producers, I really enjoyed and followed this year’s A Dal, and after a promising fourth place in last year’s final, it seemed that it’s only a question of time until the Eurovision will come to Budapest. But we will probably have to wait a little longer.

My favorite of this year’s selection is Fire by Ív, who happily improved from one qualification round to another. This is her performance from the semi-final:

4. Denmark: Anne Gadegaard – Suitcase

Being 10 years old in 2003 it was really cool that kids at my age could participate in the Eurovision. The Junior one, of course! And among the participants of the very first edition, my favorite was Anne Gadegaard who broke through with the ethno-schlager hit Arabians drøm. 

I was very excited when I could see her on the list of the DMGP 2015 participants, and although the whole line-up was featuring the normal Danish material we usually get, I could not avoid cheering for her and for her Suitcase. Although winning the national televotes, being placed only second among the national juries made her stay at home and not come with her Suitcase to Vienna. 

 Stay tuned to for the TOP 3 moments of the 2015 National Final Season!