Spain: Giuseppe di Bella will dance for Edurne in Vienna

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The Spanish entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest is taking shape and the details go unveiled little by little. Not much is known about the final staging, but one thing is known already: the dancer Giuseppe di Bella will accompany Edurne on the stage of the Wiener Stadthalle, as informed by

The Spanish broadcaster RTVE recently started letting out details about the live performance of Edurne in Vienna. On Monday the Spanish entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 sang Amanecer live for the first time during one of RTVE’s shows. A new performance is announced for this weekend.

Not much is yet known about the act, but one major point was already revealed by RTVE: a dancer will be on stage with Edurne during the performance of Amanecer in the Eurovision Grand Final. And this dancer is one greatly appreciated and know by the Spanish Eurovision fans: Giuseppe di Bella.

About Giuseppe di Bella

Giuseppe is a 28 years old Italian dancer. Born in Sicily, he arrived in Spain eight years ago through the Erasmus program as part of his Law Studies at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He completed his studies and he is a titled lawyer, although he decided to take a turn for his real passion, which is dancing.

giuseppe di bella rtve 2
Giuseppe di Bella; TVE.


His experience as a dancer has been grandly developed in television shows. He has featured in a number of RTVE programs, but he has also worked in musicals and as an actor is movies like Solo química.

He collaborates as a commentator in the radio show Sospechosos habituales.

Giussepe di bella is no newcomer to the Eurovision scene. Last year he danced in the rain with Ruth Lorenzo in the artist’s official video-clip for her Eurovision 2014 entry. Although he also made an appearance in a live performance of Dancing in the rain, Giuseppe was not on stage in Copenhagen.

Furthermore, the dancer is also an old acquaintance of Edurne, as both artists have already danced together on the stage of the Tele 5 show ¡Más que baile! and Tu cara me suena in Antena 3. In the latter show, Spanish singers and artists were challenged to make live impressions of famous songs and artists Giuseppe danced together with Edurne in many of her participations between October 2013 and March 2014. The Spanish Eurovision 2015 entrant was the winner of that edition of Tu cara me suena.

The question remains whether Giuseppe and Edurne will dance together on stage. But considering what has been seen so far, they could as well try…

Giuseppe and Edurne in Tu cara me suena, Antena 3; Giuseppe di Bella's Twitter
Giuseppe and Edurne in Tu cara me suena, Antena 3; Giuseppe di Bella’s Twitter

The preparations of the scene for Amanecer in the Stadthalle are being carried out by a team led by Tinet Rubira, director of the production company Gestmusic.

Edurne will represent Spain in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 singing Amanecer.

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