Austria: The Makemakes at the Wildsau Dirt Run

by Jessica Weaver 316 views

The 2015 Austrian representatives, The Makemakes, have recently taken part in the Wildsau Dirt Run event in the town of Brand-Laaben in Lower Austria.

The Wildsau is a dirt run which takes place in a number of towns and regions all over Austria. Testing the runner’s mental and physical limits, the course varies in distance of between 5km to 20km with a number of different package deals being offered online. You can find out more about the upcoming events here.

Over the Easter weekend, The Makemakes embarked on the first Wildsau Dirt Run course of the month. The trio was faced with a number of obstacles and harsh weather conditions, but despite that the group managed to complete the course.

Organisers at the event commented on The Makemakes appearance at the Wildsau Dirt Run:

The Austrian representatives […] braved the bad weather and completed the hardest kilometres of their lives in the dirt run.

A camera crew went along with The Makemakes to the muddy event to record the trio’s challenge which will also be shown at the Grand Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest on the 23 May.

The Makemakes will compete at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in the host city of Vienna on the 23 May with their entry I am yours.

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