Author: Michalis Vranis

Michalis Vranis

Managing Director

When I first joined the team in 2007 I could never thought that in 2012 I would carry on with the legacy of ESCToday. Addicted to technology and new media I'm here to manage the team bring new ideas and develop them!

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BigPoll: 10/10 Eurovision Qualifiers readers have correctly predicted the ten qualifiers of the first Eurovision Song Contest semi final for the first time. Adding together the top nine songs from the televote and…

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The 2009 Big Poll

The biggest and most respected Eurovision Song Contest predictive tool on the internet is back for a seventh year! The 2009 BigPoll is officially open. The poll relies on…

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Greece: Guests rehearse for the final

The final dress rehearsal is now taking place at the Athinon Arena with Sakis Rouvas perfecting the act for tonight's Greek final. Earlier this afternoon the six guest artists rehearsed…

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OGAE Denmark: 12 points to Sweden

Four clubs left to announce their votes and one of them is OGAE Denmark, giving their 12 points to Sweden. Switzerland follows up with ten points and then Serbia, Norway…