Early Days

It all started back in 1998 when Mr. Sietse Bakker decided to launch a website that will fill up the gap of missing information about the preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest. Since then ESCToday has walked a long distance of almost 20 years online. Under his wings, the site grew into the most popular independent Eurovision news website.

The domain ESCToday.com was registered back on 11 October 1998 while the website officialy went online in April 2000. By 2004 a team of 32 volunteers working round the clock to provide fast and reliable news about all matters involving the Eurovision Song Contest.

Second generation

It was no later than May 2006 when the website was handed over to Mr. Barry Viniker, moving its headquarters to London. The team was growing bigger and bigger and the era was marked by great success maintaining the website as the top meeting point for the whole Eurovision fan community. It was in that period when the decision to focus only to the Eurovision Song Contest was taken, leaving the junior version out, as well as the Eurovision dance contests.

Third Generation

In 2012, and after the hack attack ESCToday suffered from in May of that year, the management of the team changed to the third generation of editors. During this period, the website was upgraded and expanded to a variety of social media. Mr. Michalis Vranis holds the reins of the website ever since.


Almost after three and a half years since its last redesign and a total logo rebranding, ESCToday moves on to an upgrade following the latest web trends while at the same time maintaining its strong presence as an accurate and reliable source of Eurovision news.

A motto that could easily describe ESCToday is “on the move”. Even though the main “niche” is to bring un-opinionated, plain Eurovision news, the website aims to become a great host for everybody to come and share their thoughts with our readers, hence a new section was launched to fulfill that purpose.

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