The Netherlands: The Common Linnets on RTL Late Night

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Ilse DeLange’s The Common Linnets-project visited the popular Dutch late-night show RTL Late Night, presented by Humberto Tan, on Friday the 29th of August. Together with fellow-Linnets JB Meijers and Jake Etheridge, Ilse performed several songs, including their Eurovision entry Calm after the storm and their new single, Give me a reason. Furthermore, she talked about an upcoming tour in the United States, and the split with fellow ESC-Linnet, Waylon.

A visible emotional Ilse DeLange confessed that her time with Waylon was “a dark page” in her career, to which she never wishes to return. On stage there was a lot of chemistry and musical creativity, but off stage both artists had conflicting personalities. The situation became untenable, and their co-operation would have ended in time anyway. Although DeLange did not want to discuss any details, she stated that she was glad their working-relationship was over, that she wants to remember their success, and now focuses on the future: “I’m having so much fun right now!”

The Common Linnets have taken Europe by storm, being the biggest ESC-hit this year. Their album has already received triple-platinum status in The Netherlands, moreover topping the charts in many European countries. The next step will be the United States: The Common Linnets have not remained unnoticed in the homeland of country music, and are on the verge of signing a contract with an American company, looking forward to a tour of the United States.

Ilse DeLange and her companions performed their new single, Give me a reason, which is the official follow-up to their ESC-hit, Calm after the storm. Composer and guitarist JB Meijers (who first wrote Calm after the storm) sings the male vocals on the song.

In the show, host Humberto Tan also asked Ilse DeLange who she thinks should represent The Netherlands at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, following rumours that broadcaster AvroTros is negotiating with popular Dutch artists such as Alain Clark and Dotan. Ilse replied that of the four artists shown to her (Alain Clark, Eva Simons, Caro Emerald, and Dotan), she would pick Dotan, because his style would form the greatest contrast to the The Common Linnets’ entry this year. However, she also said that all four artists would be a good choice, because they are all great performers in their own right and genre.

Ilse DeLange, together with singer Waylon, represented The Netherlands at this years’ Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark, under the name The Common Linnets. The Common Linnets-project is initiated by Ilse DeLange to express her love for pure country and bluegrass music, and consists of several band members, besides occasional guest-artists. In Copenhagen, The Common Linnets won the first semi final, and eventually earned a second place in the grand final with 238 points, coming after Austria’s Comchita Wurst.

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