Copenhagen live: Second half of day one’s rehearsal complete

by Robin Scott 16 views

We have now seen the remaining songs rehearsal for day one in Copenhagen.

Hersiana from Albania is sixth to perform on this huge stage. She stands on a platform which looks like the bow of a modern ship and  is a couple of metres higher than the stage. Her guitarist walks from the small performing area in front of the stage and down the walkway to the main stage and joins the rest of the Backing band. The staging is simple, the vocals very good  for this accomplished, and trained singer who attended the Santa Cecilia conservatory in Rome. Let’s wish her well.

The Russians have decided on an unusual staging. Maybe it is to show balance as the Tolmachevy Sisters are identical twins, but there is a large see-saw on stage. The girls start off standng right in the centre and move to the ends where they remain until, at the culmination of the song, they step off, move to centre stage and a fan is opened manually by someone who is standing behind it. Perhaps this visual interpretation will be explained later?

Dilara from Azerbaijan is the next to come to the stage. In previous years other countries have used a stilt walker and gymnasts on stage so it’s not a first for this Eurovision performance to have unusual accompanying people, but this year we have a trapeze artist. The young lady starts off at stage level moving around Dilara and slowly rises far above the stage. The effect is enhanced as the camera shows an ariel shot with 3d graphics of a virtual city below. It does detract a little from the song but the overall effect is memorable.

In 2009 Svetlana Loboda represented Ukraine with the song Be my valentine along with three large rotating wheels on stage. In 2014 Maria Yaremchuk is bringing back this idea but its one wheel this time and inside must be one of the fittest young men in the contest. He is continually rotating or running inside. Maria ends up being slowly pulled over the wheel by him, with strong chemistry between the two on stage, without getting close enough to touch. One can’t help but wonder if the two will ever manage to cross the barrier between them and find love? Visually memorable.

Finally today Belgium rehearses for the first time. Axel Hirsoux has unquestionably one of the strongest voices this year. Whereas other songs cause you to specifically watch what is happening, with this song you really only have to sit back and listen to the words and music. The performance is a repeat of the Belgian final, with only singer and dancer on stage, which was also their preview video for this year as well. We know that it will be faultless on the night.

Stay tuned to for more information on the rehearsals in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

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