Serbia: Kristina and Željko as guests on The X Factor UK!

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Serbia: Kristina and Željko as guests on The X Factor UK!

Kristina Kovač and Željko Joksimović have recently announced that they have been invited as guests on the grand final of the British version of The X Factor UK.

Currently Kristina Kovač and Željko Joksimović are judges on The X Factor Adria , the Balkan based version of the talent show. Željko represented his country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 and 2012. He also hosted the 2008 edition with Jovana Janković. He is one of the most famous Balkan musicians to ever participate in the contest. Kristina Kovač is also no stranger to Eurovision either – as she composed the Serbian entry in 2011 Čaroban.

The final of the British version of The X Factor will be held on 15 December in Wembley Arena.


Serbia has decided to withdraw from the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest due to financial reasons. Stay tuned to esctoday for all the latest news regarding Serbia and the Eurovision Song Contest.

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  • Scotty

    thats never going to happen lol :/ they didnt appear last night and I doubt they’ll be on stage tonight.

  • Anthony

    Sorry, but as observers and friends of the X Factor franchise, they are only invited to see the production. So they will not perform, nor appear on stage of the UK X Factor final.


    I’ve never heard of Kristina Kovač. Find the story hard to believe also

  • Ben Gray

    Why?? What a delightful surprise. The British people have no idea who they are. That will be interesting to see.

  • davve

    no disrespect but I have a hard time seeing why X Factor UK would invite these two singers to the show..