Denmark 2014: Executive Producer defends choice

by Richard West-Soley 38 views

As the dust settles on a controversial decision for some, the Executive Producer for 2014, Pernille Gaardbo, has defended the choice.

In an exclusive interview with broadcaster DR, it becomes apparent that Gaardbo and her team knew they faced an almost impossible decision, one which would inevitably upset many in the losing camps. She admits that Boxen is “one of the best venues in Denmark to produce TV shows“, whilst praising the Horsens bid as a “creative offering“.

Innovation and the ‘Eurovision island’

However, in the end, it was Refshaleøen’s uniqueness and wider cultural attractiveness which may have swung the bid. Echoing the innovative slant that DR recently announced would drive their national selection for 2014, Gaardbo states that the creation of a ‘Eurovision island‘ will allow for a kind of show “that previously has not been experienced in the history of the competition”. The venue, she continues, offers the opportunity to modernise, whilst still respecting the traditions of the contest.

And then, of course, is the ready-made tourist hub of Copenhagen to add to the mix. Gaardbo gives a nod to “all the conceivable cultural and accommodation options that have come to characterise an international city”, and make the Refshaleøen bid a winning one. Giving a further insight into the team’s thinking behind that other possibility, the tent at DR HQ, Gaardbo explains that the poles required to support such a structure would have impeded the direction of the shows.

At the moment, B&W Hallerne are “completely raw“, Gaardbo admits – but, as fans have seen, previous hosts have started from much less and been ready to host on time.

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