Ukraine’s Jamala: ‘This is not a music contest’

by Richard West-Soley 493 views

Ukrainian singer Jamala, who won popularity after her attempt to represent Ukraine at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with Smile, has ruled out a further attempt to represent Ukraine, according to Ukrainian outlet

In 2011, Jamala was an instant hit when “Smile” took third place in the Ukrainian national final. Subsequently, the song and singer enjoyed a warm reception at the New Wave festival in Jurmala, an impressive success story for a song which didn’t quite make it for Ukraine. But it seems that the singer is not willing to have a second bite of the apple, at least in the near future.

According to reports, Jamala has ruled out a return to the Ukrainian competition next year, due to her own misgivings over the nature of the competition. The singer told that “This is not a music contest“. There, she adds that “I do not believe in the integrity of the contest. I do not believe that the song or the voice wins there.” This comes despite calls from fans on social network sites and music professionals for her to participate again, the article reports. In response, she notes that her 2011 entry Smile won much success without competition.

Perceived unfairness – but success nonetheless

The sentiments are not unfamiliar to fans, as the topic of fairness has always sparked off a plethora of debates. But it may not be such a familiar argument coming from Ukraine, which has historically done very well at the contest. Although the source article suggests the general feeling in Ukraine is that “internal policy and the economic situation” mean the country cannot win Eurovision, Zlata Ognevich did manage a very successful 3rd place in Malmö this year – an achievement many countries can only hope for. Whether the popular Jamala will change her resolve towards not competing in future, remains to be seen.

Here is Jamala’s 2011 hopeful for Ukraine, Smile:

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