Malmö live: Interview with Eyþór Ingi

by Gafurr Sahiti 60 views

As day third day of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest rehearsals took place yesterday in Malmö, got the chance to speak to Eyþór Ingi from Iceland.

Eyþór Ingi won this year the Icelandic nation final with his ballad Eg a lif and got the ticket to represent Iceland at this years Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.
Esctoday’s  Robin Scott got to speak to Eyþór Ingi  just after his 1st rehearsal. He shared his feelings about they way his sings and his feelings after his first  rehearsal during this interview.

As you have noticed we had some sound problems during this interview. Below you can find what was discussed after the sound failed.

Esctoday: the first part is about how the performance affected some of the viewing press audience when it was performed on stage.
Eyþór: the vocals were stunning.

We went on to discuss how wet he got during the making of the video.
Eyþór:  the water was 7°C.

Esctoday: the video clip was about the angst of the families everytime a ship went fishing and the fear of people not coming home.
Eyþór: that’s a very interesting interpretation. 

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