Cosmonauts, a disco ball and a rising light-up dress make Malmö a visual feast

by Juha Repo 70 views

The second day of rehearsals is underway in Malmö today and we are following them in the old slaughterhouse in the harbour area.

The layout of the viewing room and the working area is remarkably improved from yesterday with a direct access between to two now.

The first bit surprise of the day was provided by the Montenegrin act Who See. The guys appear on the stage in white cosmonaut suits against a green and yellow criss cross backdrop. Then Nina Žižić rises from the floor midway through in more space inspired gear and angel wings. The stage is then surrounded by spurts of steam rising from the floor making it a very striking visual feast.

Next up we have Roberto Bellarosa from Belgium, the national flag colours in the first shot then in blue and white set. He is flanked by two female dancers mirroring each other and three backing singers on the left. This uptempo number is vocally very pure and the vocals sound loud and crystal clear. Roberto himself stands without moving much, but his eyes follow the camera all the time and he does a few gestures with his hands.

Aliyona Lanskaya’s Belarus entry is once again introduced by the hanging lights in the colours of the country flag, green and red. She then emerges from inside a huge disco ball on the stage. This time she has two male dancers and backing dancers on her side, while two female and one male backing singer start off on her left and then move forward to do a group dance. The two dancers also take a turn banging two drums at the back. A number of high camp and traditional Eurovision, even if it probably is not the sort of music Alyona normally does.

The last country to rehearse before the lunch break was Moldova. This is another very visual number, starting off with Pasha Parfeny on the piano, then on to Aliona Moon. She also has three male dancers with her. Her illuminated dress has now become even bigger and she eventually rises off the ground revealing more and more of it. The top is white with exciting shoulder details. Her vocals are crisp and beautiful, and with this the first semi-final really showcases what a visual Eurovision we are being treated to this year.


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