Love is all around for Moje 3 from Serbia

by Denis Randjelovic 329 views

Today we arrive in Serbia to talk to three lovely ladies in Moje 3. They will present their song Ljubav je svuda in the first semi-final on 14 May in Malmö.

1. Girls, you are all finalists of the music show Prvi glas Srbije (First Voice of Serbia), but what were you doing before entering the show?

Nevena: I was born and attended school in Kosovska Mitrovica. In 2007, I participated in Serbia’s national selection for Junior Eurovision with “Piši mi”, my song. On the final night, I received the first place and went on to Netherlands to Rotterdam to represent Serbia. I was ranked third overall with 120 points, making it Serbia’s best result in the contest. This year I participated in in Serbian talent show The First Voice of Serbia where I reached the super finals. Currently I’m studying music at University of Arts in Belgrade.
Sara: I was born and lived in Rome until three years ago. Then I came back to Serbia, Belgrade with my parents. Since my first memories, I remember that I was a child that loved to watch music videos, concerts, that enjoyed performing in front of the parents or friends. I always loved to entertain people. It’s a feeling that I can’t even describe: I never can get enough of it. I would live on the stage just to entertain people, singing, dancing and make them happy. I never had a singing lesson; I had the first professional contact with music two years ago, when I won at a singing contest that was organized by a magazine. I had the chance to work with on of the best Serbian songwriters, Aleksandra Milutinovic, and I released my first single “Zauvek”. I was part of the show The First Voice of Serbia (with Nevena and Mirna, too) and I ended in third place.
Mirna: I am from Subotica, that is a town in the northern part of Serbia. I have adored music whole my life, played violin, taking part in music school, and as the other girls I took part in The First Voice of Serbia competition where I won this contest.

2. You were still in the show when the Serbian public broadcaster RTS released the public call for songs. Who came up with the idea to sign up to Beosong as a group?

Moje 3: It was Sasa Milosevic Mare’s idea that was accepted by all of us and the the team that was around us during the Voice. Mare is composer of our Eurovision song “Ljubav je svuda” and also, just to add, the co-composer of the winning Serbian song “Molitva” in 2007.

3. There were many rumours about you representing Serbia before Beosong started. In your opinion, have you been helped or harmed with that before Beosong started?

Sara: Rumours are always around people who are trying to achieve something and we are all trying not to listen to them so much.
Nevena: People are talking and have a right to talk what they want.
Mirna: We are trying to keep a positive energy in our team and do not worry about those things so much.

4. The name of the group is Moje 3 (My 3). “Whose” are you, in other words what does the name of your group mean?

It means that we are three very good voices that are taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest together! The name was delivered by the TV station that promoted us during the First Voice shows, as this TV station used the word Moje, Moja (or mine) in its name.

5. Which of the former Serbian entries do you like the most?

Sara: My favourite Eurovision entry of all the time is definitely “Molitva” by Marija Serifovic.
Nevena: My best Eurovision entry is ”Molitva” by Marija Serifovic
Mirna: Molitva by Marija Serifovic, of course.

6. It’s been rumoured on the internet that one of you is getting an award as soon as you arrive to Malmö. Can you tell us what this is about?

Moje 3: We do not know what are you talking about! Let it be a surprise, if this happens…

7. We can hear your song in Serbian and read lyrics in English. Are you going to record the song in other languages?

Moje 3: Yes we shall have an English version for sure and other versions of the song are done by Mare that will be promoted this week. We do hope that you will like them.

8. Are you going on a promo tour and may we expect a video for Ljubav je svuda?

Moje 3: We had great time in Amsterdam, it was a fantastic experience for all of us. Also, we do have several presentations in the region that is also important to us. Regarding the video, one we do have from Beosong, that is for sure….

9. We saw a very interesting presentation of your song at Beosong. Will the performance in on Eurovision stage be similar or are you working on something different?

Nevena: That will be surprises, just watch us.
Sara: It will be different but be with us during 14 May first semi-final.
Mirna: We are having rehearsals every day, and it will be great, but we keep it as a surprise.

10. There are 39 countries competing. Which of the songs do you like the most , beside yours of course?

Nevena: There are so many interesting songs as always in Eurovision.
Sara: My personal favourite is Marco Mengoni from Italy. He’s actually one of my favourite Italian singers, so I was really excited about our meeting. It was a real pleasure listening to him live in Amsterdam. He is such an incredible musician.
Mirna: Congratulations to every participant in the Eurovision Song Contest. There are as always very interesting songs, with various atmospheres and emotions.

11. Do you have a message for the Eurovision audience and readers?

Moje 3: Thank you for supporting us, be with us during the first semi-final and do not forget that just Love is everywhere around us. would like to thank Mirna, Nevena and Sara for this interview and wish Moje 3 the best of luck at the Eurovision Song Contest!

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