Special interview with Omar Naber (Slovenia 2005)

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Esctoday.com had an opportunity to chat to Omar Naber on Friday night, before he took to the stage at Eurofest in the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London’s Vauxhall.

Nice to meet you again, Omar! How are you?

I’m very well, thank you! I have been recording my new album and hope to have it finished in 1.5 months. It has songs both in Slovenian and English and we hope to get in published by 1 June.

We have seen a lot of you in London and around the United Kingdom. How much time are you spending now in Slovenia and how much here in the UK?

It is almost 50/50. Now I have been more in Slovenia because I have been recording my album. But I have also been making some very good contacts in London and am hoping to get to release an album in English here too.

I also entered The Voice UK and got selected to the last 100 candidates, but did not eventually make the last 48 that went through to the televised shows.

You first became known to the wider audiences by winning a talent show in Slovenia, Bitka talentov. How was that compared to other similar shows?

Yes, it was in 2004 on the Slovenian national TV. It was very good, and about the talent and the singing, not so much about all the other show elements that many of these shows are known for.

You then won the Slovenian National final EMA and went to represent Slovenia at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Stop. It did not make it to the final in the end, were you very disappointed?

Not really! We all know that there are other things at play at the Eurovision Song Contest than just the music. Slovenia is a small country and and we don’t really have many countries as friends that would automatically vote for us. I think it is also why our national broadcaster RTVSLO was not sure if it was still worth entering the contest.

In the end they chose Hannah Mancini internally. Do you know her?

Yes, Slovenia is a very small country and the music industry is even smaller. I think we all have met each other at some point.

How do you rate her chances at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

I think it is nice song, but as I said before Slovenia is a small country and will always find it difficult to qualify to the final.

If they had asked you what would have been your answer?

Yes, of course I would be honoured to do it if I was asked! But these things are not in my hands.

Taking part in 2005 has given so many new opportunities and I still get asked to perform because of that, so it really is a great opportunity.
I was invited to take part in the Slovenian national finals since then as a songwriter and also singer, but it was not about the winning for me on those occasions.

You have been touring a lot recently with your band. Do you perform similar stuff with your band and as a solo act?

Yes, we do play the same power pop with my band, and usually always prefer going on the stage with them. Solo gigs like the one tonight at Eurofest are really an exception.

Have you got a title already for your new album?

No. We have not decided a name yet. All the songs have been finished however, and they are all brand-new songs written by me.

So what next for Omar Naber? Any future plans?

Not really! I like the fact that I don’t know where I am going with my career. I will try to promote my album back in Slovenia as far as I can and will take it from there!

Esctoday.com wants to thank Omar Naber for taking the time to talk to us and we wish him the best of luck on his career! Watch a special greeting from Omar below:

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