Introducing 2013: Finland

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Thirty-nine countries are competing with the aim to lift the trophy in Malmö. The twenty-fourth country to be introduced is Finland. The country won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest and this year Krista Siegfrids will fly the Finnish flag in Sweden.

Basic information

Performer: Krista Siegfrids
Song: Marry me
Language: English
Music: Krista Siegfrids, Erik Nyholm, Kristoffer Karlsson, Jessica Lundström
Lyrics: Krista Siegfrids, Erik Nyholm, Kristoffer Karlsson, Jessica Lundström

The song

This year’s Finnish song is an up tempo song with the main theme is love. The singer sings about a girl who is ready to do everything to marry her prince.

Spying on you undercover
Drinking coffee with your mother
Am I getting closer?

Baby I feel like a sinner
Skipping dinner to get thinner
Where is my proposal?

I’m your slave and you’re my master
Oh, baby come on take a shot!

Marry me, I’ll be your Queen Bee
I’ll love you endlessly
I’ll do it for you, for you, for you
Yeah I’ll do it for you
Marry me baby!

The performer

Krista Siegfrids was born in Swedish-speaking minority in Kaskinen in western Finland. Siegfrids’ mother tongue is Swedish, though she also speaks Finnish. Siegfrids has been studying in Vaasa to be a teacher. Siegfrids started her career with her band Daisy Jack in 2009. Their first single was Perfect crime, released in October 2011. She achieved her first musical role in the musical, Play me (2009-2010) at the Swedish theatre in Helsinki. Her next major career step was to be casted in the rock musical Muskettisoturit, (The Three Musketeers, 2011) at the Finnish Peacock Theatre in Helsinki. Siegfrids participated in the first season of the Voice of Finland (2011–2012) but was dropped in the semi-finals.

The songwriters

This year’s Finnish song is written by Krista Siegfrids, Erik Nyholm, Kristoffer Karlsson and Jessica Lundström. Erik Nyholm worked in the Girls’ Generation album. He also wrote a song in this year’s Lithuanian selection. Kristoffer Karlsson and Jessica Lundström co-wrote a couple of songs in Tarja’s album entitled What lies beneath.

The national selection

The Finnish selection went on air in January and following three elimination, eight acts competed in the final show won by Krista Siegfrids.

Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest

Finland entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 and has been a frequent competitor despite never finishing in the top five for a very long time. This suddenly changed in 2006, when Lordi won the contest for Finland in Athens. The country did not miss a final between 2006 and 2009. In 2010 the country missed the final by just one place and in 2011 Paradise Oskar came third in the semi-final only to finish 21st in the final. Last year Pernilla did not manage to qualify to the final.


This will be Finland’s 47th participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. It will be the twenty-first time that the country is being represented by a female solo performer. Furthermore this year’s Finnish entry will be performed entirely in English after last year’s song was in Swedish.

Finnish vote in Eurovision

Throughout its history in the contest, Finland and Sweden exchanged most of the points. However if the semi-final votes are considered, Finland and Estonia exchanged most of the votes.

The betting odds

According to, Finland is currently standing at number 16 to win the Eurovision Song Contest. According to the odds, Krista Siegfrids is the tenth favourite to qualify from semi-final two.

Toivotamme Suomelle ja Krista Siegfridsille onnea ja menestystä Malmössa!
Vi önskar Finland och Krista Siegfrids lycka till och ett bra resultat i Malmö!


Preview clip

National final performance

Duet with Lauri Mikkola at Tartu Mikkiin

Tomorrow another country will be introduced (hint – the land of fire!)

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