Croatian klapa act is about the sea, the coast, the islands and love

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Today we get to hear the thoughts from the Croatian singers of Klapa s mora in our interview series.

Hello guys. Can you tell us of the way each of you found out that you will sing in Klapa s mora and represent Croatia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest?

Each of us was called by Mojmir Čačija, the klapa vocal producer, who was one of those who selected us.

Why the name Klapa s mora?

Because almost all of us, except Bojan, live by the sea. And klapa singing is a Mediterranean tradition, a tradition of the Croatian coast and islands.

Can you explain us in one word the strengths of Misery?


You are singing about love. Have you ever loved been deep in love yourselves?

We have all loved in our lives, and we all love to love… Of the six of us, three are married, and they believe they’ve found their true loves. The other three are still looking…

How do you prepare for Eurovision?

We have singing rehearsals and choreography rehearsals, often talking to the whole team on all aspects of our performance… We’re currently promoting the song round this region, but we’ll also be guesting in Amsterdam.

As we all know stage performance is very important for every musical act. What we can expect in Malmö of your appearance?

You can expect something new and different. We hope to appeal to viewers in Europe, but also to the audience at home, who are not used to klapas having any kind of choreography.

You are the first group after Femminem representing Croatia and 21st Croatian entry in ESC. Are we going to hear some of them in your version?

No, haha… They were who they were, and we are who we are.

Your group is made especially for Eurovision. Is there going to be whole album of Klapa s mora music released?

For now, we’re focusing only on Eurovision. Who knows what will happen afterwards?

Have you had a chance to listen to the other entries for this year? Who is your favourite amongst them?

There are lots of good songs, and there are those that aren’t quite so good. We wouldn’t like to pick anyone out; we’ll keep our favourites to ourselves.

Finally, do you have a message for readers of and the whole of Europe?

Enjoy songs, love and life! Listen to our song, and, if you like it, make sure you vote for us! Thanks in advance!

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