The OGAE Poll 2013 begins with the Irish club

by Michalis Vranis 150 views

Following the tradition of the past 5 years, in collaboration with the OGAE Network and OGAE International, will deliver the results of the fan clubs’ votes as they are coming in. Everyday, one new local club from will cast their votes on the OGAE International ESC Poll 2013 scoreboard. OGAE International and will reveal the opinion of the fan clubs regarding the 39 competing entries at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

The first country to vote is OGAE Ireland giving the first impression of the poll outcome by casting their 12 points to the Netherlands and Anouk. The complete results are the following:

OGAE Ireland

  • 12 points – The Netherlands
  • 10 points – Denmark
  • 8 points – Russia
  • 7 points – Norway
  • 6 points – Germany
  • 5 points – Sweden
  • 4 points – United Kingdom
  • 3 points – Finland
  • 2 points – Ukraine
  • 1 point – Italy

As of this year, OGAE International is publishing the results of the OGAE International ESC Poll 2013 at You can find the total scoreboard here.

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