Eurovision 2013: The semifinals running order

by Michalis Vranis 176 views

The Eurovision Song Contest is turning to a new page as of today, that the announcement of the semi-finals running order takes place. After a very long time, the sem-finals running order will be decided by the production company of this year’s edition of the contest.

The new rules were disclosed last November when all of the changes were approved and announced by the Eurovision Song Contest Reference group.


The running order of the semi-finals

Semi final 1

[table sort=”,asc”] ,Spot,Country,Artist,Song
[Austria],1,Austria[attr],Nathalia Kelly,Shine[attr] [Estonia],2,Estonia[attr],Birgit Oigemeel, Et uus saaks alguse,[attr] [Slovenia],3,Slovenia[attr],Hannah,Straight into love[attr] [Croatia],4,Croatia[attr],Klapa s Mora,Mizerja[attr] [Denmark],5,Denmark[attr],Emmelie de Forest,Only Teardrops[attr] [Russia],6,Russia[attr],Dina Garipova, What if[attr] [Ukraine],7,Ukraine[attr],Zlata Ognevich,Gravity[attr] [The Netherlands],8,The Netherlands[attr], Anouk, Birds[attr] [Montenegro],9,Montenegro[attr], Who See,Igranka,[attr] [Lithuania],10,Lithuania[attr],Andrius Pojavis, Something[attr] [Belarus],11,Belarus[attr],Alyona Lanskaya, Solayoh[attr] [Moldova],12,Moldova[attr],Aliona Moon,A million[attr] [Ireland],13,Ireland[attr], Ryan Dolan, Only love survives[attr] [Cyprus],14,Cyprus[attr],Despina Olympiou,An me thymase [attr] [Belgium],15,Belgium[attr],Roberto Bellarosa,Love kills[attr] [Serbia],16,Serbia[attr],Moje 3,Ljubav je svuda,[attr] [/table]

Semi final 2

[table sort=”,asc”] ,Spot,Country,Artist,Song
[Latvia],1,Latvia[attr], PeR, Here we go[attr] [San Marino],2,San Marino[attr],Valentina Monetta,Crisalide[attr] [FYR Macedonia],3,FYR Macedonia[attr],Esma Redzepova & Vlatko Lozanoski,Pred da se razdeni[attr] [Azerbaijan],4,Azerbaijan[attr], Farid Mammadov, Hold me[attr] [Finland],5,Finland[attr],Krista Siegfrieds,Marry me[attr] [Malta],6,Malta[attr],Gianluca Bezzina,Tomorrow[attr] [Bulgaria],7,Bulgaria[attr],Elitsa & Stoyan Yankulov-Stundzhi,Samo Shampioni,[attr] [Iceland],8,Iceland[attr],Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson,Eg a lif[attr] [Greece],9,Greece[attr],Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas,Alcohol is free[attr] [Israel],10,Israel[attr],Moran Mazor, Rak bishvilo[attr] [Armenia],11,Armenia[attr],Gor Sujyan,Lonely planet,[attr] [Hungary],12,Hungary[attr],ByeAlex,Kedvesem,[attr] [Norway],13,Norway[attr],Margaret Berger,I feed you my love[attr] [Albania],14,Albania[attr],Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko,Identitet[attr] [Georgia],15,Georgia[attr],Sophie and Nodi,Waterfall[attr] [Switzerland],16,Switzerland[attr],Takasa,You and me[attr] [Romania],17,Romania[attr],Cezar,It’s my life[attr] [/table]


The running order for the final will be arranged in a similar way. During the winners’ press conferences of each semi-final a draw will take place to determine in which half of the final each country will perform. Once all qualifiers are known, the producers will determine the exact running order of the final and this will be announced on 17 May at 3 o’clock at the latest.


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