Eurvovision 2013 :Lynda Wooddruff to showcase Sweden to the world

by Gabriel Vivas 1,449 views

Crash, boom, bang, Sveriges Television has announced that the lovely and funny Lynda Woodruff will be back at the Eurovision Song Contest in May to showcase all the Swedish wonders.

After the success of Sarah Dawn Finer’s character in last and this year’s Melodifestivalen, the SVT will bring back the lovely European Broadcasting Union lady to the contest in Malmö. In May, Lynda will be in charge of introducing the host country to the world.

This won’t be the first time of Mrs. Woodruff taking part at the Eurovision Song Contest, as she was the Swedish spokesperson last year in Baku.

Sarah and the SVT team are currently traveling Sweden, from north to south, filming the videos that will be shown in the semi-finals and the grand final. Footage from the capital city, Stockholm, was filmed earlier this week.

In an interview to the SVT website, Sarah stated how fun is that some people still don’t know that Lynda and she is the same person. Even in this year’s Melodifestivalen, I heard people saying “how fun it was the English lady again!”, she said.

According to Sarah and Edward af Sillen, Melodifestivalen’s screenwriter, the idea behind Lynda Woodruff was to do something unexpected. Mission accomplished.

Lynda welcomes Europe to Malmö 

Photo: Emelie Birgersson / SVT


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