Valentina Monetta to represent San Marino in Malmö

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SMTV, the Sammarinese national broadcaster has announced that Valentina Monetta will have the honour of representing San Marino at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest with the song Crisalide.

Valentina Monetta is back in the Eurovision Song Contest again this year, she represented San Marino at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku last year.

Ralph Siegel has composed the 2013 Sammarinese Eurovision entry, whilst the lyrics have been written by Mauro Balestri. A special press conference was held today in San Marino in order to introduce the 2013 Sammarinese representative along with the team responsible behind the song (composer and lyricist).

The story behind the 2013 Sammarinese Choice

SMTV has received many diffferent proposals for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest since  last summer, hence the broadcaster decided to appoint a special commission made up of 3 Sammarienese professional musicians in order to choose both San Marino’s the entry and representative for Malmo. After studying all the applications and proposals, SMTV San Marino along with the help of the special comission made their deliberation and selected a proposal sent by Ralph Siegel and Valentina Monetta.

Siegel has worked on many songs with Valentina Monetta since summer 2012. In August they recorded a selected number of songs, among which they chose Crisalide (Chrysalis in the English version) as the one to be presented to SMTV San Marino.  The song is written by Ralph Siegel (music) and Mauro Balestri (lyrics). The song has been specially been tailor made to suit Valentina’s vocal skills and talent, taking into account that last year’s Eurovision entry Facebook (The Social Network Song) was not meant for her.

The 2013 Sammarinese entry has an Italian style melody with a modern pop sound in the final minute. Valentina is a perfect interpreter for it, both in Italian and English.

SMTV San Marino has shared all artistical choices with the production team and has asked the help of  Fabrizio Raggi, a Sammarinese actor and director, who has worked a lot with Valentina during last summer. He’s the director of two shows Camelia and Ma che differenza fa, in which Valentina sings the songs from her brand new cd and performs.

The 2013 Sammarinese entry along with the official videoclip will be officially presented at a special song presentation show on SMTV(date to be confirmed) and is scheduled to be aired on SMTV, SMTV via satellite and streamed both on and the official SMTV San Marino’s website.

San Marino debuted at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Miodio and is yet to win the event. Stay tuned to for the latest news on  San Marino and the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Cover Photograph: Augusto Betiula

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