Italy: Jalisse and their new song and video

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1997 Eurovision Song Contest Italian contestants Jalisse have released a music video, directed by Massimo Toniato, for their new song called Tra rose e cielo (Between roses and sky).

Jalisse described their new song, written by Iraqi poet Younis Tawfik, as a  passionate love story in which a woman waiting for her man away on a humanitarian mission. He is represented by roses that she hugs herself, while the waiting is the immense sky.  Those who still have their 1997 ESC entry Fiumi di parole in mind will recognise Jalisse music style made of Fabio’s electric guitar riffs and Alessandra‘s beautiful voice and will appreciate the modern touch included.

In 2012, Jalisse celebrated their 20 years of artistic collaboration with highlights including their victory at the famous Sanremo Music Festival in 1997 and their fourth place the same year at the Eurovision Song Contest with their hit single Fiumi di parole. Jalisse remained the last Italian entry for 14 years until Italy joined again the contest in 2011 with Raphael Gualazzi finishing second with 189 points. Jalisse tried to represent San Marino at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest but were not chosen.

Jalisse’s new album is set for release in February 2013 and will include original songs written with Italian and foreign artists such as Maurizio Fabrizio or Paolo Audino.

Jalisse’s new video and song Tra rose e cielo

Jalisse 1997 ESC participation with Fiumi di parole


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