Sweden: Alcazar has hit the end, farewell tour in October

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Sad news for fans of disco group Alcazar as they have announced their disbanding. The group, known for their various participations in Sweden’s selection Melodifestivalen, was beloved by many Eurofans.

Disco in Sweden will never sound the same again following Alcazar‘s statement of their disbanding. The successful group, currently consisting of Andreas Lundstedt, Lina Hedlund and Therese Merkel (and previously including Annika Kjaergaard and Magnus Carlsson), participated in Melodifestivalen many times and quickly became a favourite to one day represent Sweden at Eurovision. Yet, despite considerable national and international success, Alcazar has confirmed that it’s time to stop the music, 20 years after their formation.

In a joint statement, the group members say:

There have been 20 years of love, pain, challenges, conquests, Melodifestivaler and everything else that matters to much. Today we are better, stronger and have more fun than ever before. We have a happy year ahead of us, it is Alcazar’s 20th anniversary and there are none we’d rather celebrate with than all the amazing Alcastars out there. It’s also our chance to personally thank all fans, old and new. We will dance the whole night long, as if tomorrow was not there, and then our mission is completed.

Alcazar’s rising star

Formed in 1998, the group had a major international hit in 2001 with their song Crying at the discoteque, which topped the charts in Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States.


Perhaps best known to Eurovision fans is their recurring bid to represent Sweden at the ESC: they joined the Melodifestivalen line-up in 2003 (Not a sinner, nor a saint, 3rd place), 2005 (Alcastar, 3rd place), 2009 (Stay the night, 5th place), 2010 (Headlines, made it to the Andra Chansen round) and 2014 (Blame it on the disco, 3rd place).

They were also invited to take part in th United Kingdom’s selection for Eurovision 2005, but declined the offer.

Andreas Lundstedt was also a part of the group six4one, who represented Switzerland at Eurovision 2006 (If we all give a little, 16th with 30 points in the Grand Final).

Now that Alcazar’s split-up has been confirmed, it is unlikely that the group will grace the Eurovision stage, although individual members might take a chance.

EuroPride 2018 anthem

Meanwhile, Alcazar has released their latest single. In the name of love is the theme song for this year’s EuroPride festival, taking place in Stockholm and Gothenburg in August 2018. Incidentally, the song was supposedly also Alcazar’s bid for Melodifestivalen 2018, although the group eventually did not make the definite line-up.

Farewell tour

Alcazar is all set to say farewell to all of their fans, in a grand manner. Their extensive farewell tour 20 Years of Disco – Mission Completed will kick off in Halmstad, Sweden, on 5 October 2018, continuing to 13 other venues. Ticket sales start this Friday at 10.00 local time via blixten.se


For more information visit their official website and blixten.se

Alcazar may not have graced the Eurovision stage, but they will be remembered fondly by their many fans across Europe. The Alcastars will keep on shining!





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