Ukraine: Tina Karol performs in New York

by Eleanor Welsh 235 views

The Ukrainian representative at Eurovision 2006, Tina Karol, performed in New York at the weekend.

Tina Karol performed her classic pop hits, as well as Ukrainian Christmas carols (Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated from 6 January) at Queen’s College in New York. The college was selected as the venue because it is located centrally among the large Ukrainian communities in the city.

This is the singer’s second time performing in the USA, the first having been in 2016.

“It is thrilling to see an artist from abroad warmly greeted by enthusiastic audiences [who] reflect the diversity of our borough’s population,” said Jeffrey Rosenstock, who oversees the performing arts venues at the college.

Success in Europe

Whilst not widely known in America, Karol has fans across Eastern Europe.

In the past year, she was on a long tour in Ukraine, where she performed 60 concerts, also visiting other countries including Israel and Italy. She was also honoured by her nation’s president, who awarded her with the title People’s Artist of Ukraine.

According to her promoter, one of the goals of her latest American tour is to teach young children about Ukrainian culture. “It’s hard here to keep the Ukrainian spirit,” he said. “It will help to have a popular singer bring a taste of the Ukraine to America.”

The concert featured violinist Vasyl Popadiuk, who played as a soloist and also accompanied Karol and her band.

Tina Karol represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens with the song Show me your love. She finished in seventh place with 145 points.

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