Greece: Helena Paparizou goes Fiesta!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 187 views10

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The ultimate Greek Goddess and 2005 Greek Eurovision winner, Helena Paparizou goes Fiesta with her latest single.

Helena Paparizou has released her brand new single titled Fiesta, a happy go lucky latin influenced dance beat.

Helena performed her song Fiesta at X Factor Greece last week when she set crowds into a frenxy with her performance.

Helena Paparizou won the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with her entry My Number One. The Swedish born Greek artist has gained much name and recognition both in Sweden and Greece since her Eurovision victory.

The Greek goddess has been to Eurovision twice in 2001 and 2005. She tried to represent Sweden in 2014 when she competed in the Swedish national final with her entry Survivor, and achieved an honorable 4th place in  Melodifestivalen.

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  • MarioVision

    I didn’t like her new song SADLY 🙁

  • MarioVision

    Elena Paparizou = The Number #1 Super Star of Greece <3

  • MarioVision

    Her latest songs are not that good compared with her great old songs on her golden peak era.

    Even her 2014 esc song *SURVIVOR* that won the Ogae 2nd Chance Contest
    was not that good likable to be honest.

  • MarioVision

    Already 11 whole years have passed since when we won the EuroVision in 2005.
    I really dunno when & if we will win the ESC again.
    I think that if this scenario happens will not be very soon though.
    I expect our 2nd Victory to come after 2020 or even after 2025.
    OF COURSE I really don’t think that we will ever win again the EURO like we did in 2004 <3

  • MarioVision

    Elena ‘s new song ”FIESTA” (that means celebration-party)
    was uploaded on YouTube yesterday on 4th July
    which was the same day that we won the EURO back in 2004 <3

  • MarioVision

    Ruslana awarding the eurovision winning trophy to Elena <3

  • MarioVision

    From Elena’s cover photo in a greek magazine 4 the Gay Pride Parade of 2013

  • MarioVision

    Elena is big gay icon idol here in Greece <3
    Her biggest fans & so many of her followers are gay.
    Almost all of her hardcore big male guys fans are gay/bi. (if not even all of them :P)
    She should seriously record an anthem theme song 4 Greece's Gay Pride Parade <3

    She must be straight but even if she might is indeed bisexual
    its only her own business of course.
    She is married with a man & I really don't think that she is faking it.
    Her previous old long relationship with her ex manager was also real.
    She is definitely not lesbian or even really bi.
    Maybe bi curious or having open sexuality.
    On Kinsey Scale even if Elena might be lets say 9 [with 10 being the maximum) not totally heterosexual
    this doesn't mean at all that she is either truly bisexual.
    Almost no one person is totally straight purely 100% anyway.

  • MarioVision

    I really don’t get lesbian or bi vibes from this cover pic of Elena kissing another woman.
    She only did it just to support gay rights & homosexuality in Greece.
    Its like seeing best friends or sisters/cousins kissing.
    Nothing really sexual or lesbian-ish on this photo.

  • MarioVision

    From my experience: all the pretty hot women like Elena
    are generally either straight or partially bisexuals [of course there are lesbians among them]
    BUT its different case with men.
    Too many [if not the most] hot handsome guys are either gay or bisexuals.
    [and even the great majority of the bisexuals men
    are attracted more to guys women]
    This phenomenon does happen indeed.

    They inform us that generally the 10% of world’s population
    IS homosexual/bisexual
    but on the category of the hot handsome guys
    this gay percentage is significantly wayyy much higher!

    Like generally speaking, mostly the hot pretty women like men(straight)
    And mostly all the hot handsome guys like men(gay)
    This IS true.