Azerbaijan: Eldar releases the lyric video of 1&Only

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 47 views7

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The 2011 Azerbaijani Eurovision winner Eldar has released the lyric video of his latest single 1&Only.

Eldar won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest along with Nikki in Dusseldorf with their entry Running scared. He co-hosted the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku.

The Azerbaijani star has released the official lyric video of 1&Only. Let’s check it out!

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  • MarioVision

    I wanted him to might possibly return to EuroVision for 2nd time
    but now I don’t. He WON the first time so its better for him to not go again to ESC.
    Even if he might wants to just participate for the sake/fun of the whole thing.

  • MarioVision

    For him to live all THIS back in 2011 & end up WINNER of EuroVision must was ecstatic <3
    Before the Grand Final who would had thought that AZERBAIJAN would gonna win the whole contest??
    Their victory was really surprising to most of the eurofans.
    Although ''Running Scared'' was really beautiful song <3

  • MarioVision

    But at least I preferred all the way for Azerbaijan to win in Dusseldorf’s Vision
    over Sweden or Italy that finished 3rd-2nd.
    Can’t believe that the snoozefest so boring italian crappy song
    WON in the juries even by landslide margin! That was really unfair!
    And thank goodness that also the hella annoying & obnoxious swedish singer
    LOST in televoting for only 2 points! hehehe 😉

  • MarioVision

    Eldar might has the negative record for the least/fewest points for a winner (221 points)
    & also the most countries that didn’t vote 4 the winner (12 countries)
    but it really doesn’t matter… He WON..
    Look what happened to poor Polina Gagarina in 2015 that earned over 300 points.She did NOT win.
    Look what happened to also poor Il Volo in the same EuroVision that they earned 292 points.
    They also did NOT win.
    If EBU hadn’t changed the old voting system maybe we could might see
    a WINNER country gathering even less than 200 points in a future EuroVision.

  • MarioVision

    What would you prefer from these options?
    ~ Gather over 300 points but NOT win in ESC.
    ~ Be the winner on either the juries or in televoting but NOT win the EuroVision.
    ~ Get voted by all or the most countries but NOT win the ESC.
    ~ Be the winner of the SF but not win in the Grand Final of EuroVision.
    ~ Be the Winner of the OGAE voting but NOT to win in EuroVision.
    ~ Gather less than 200 points, not win either on the juries or in televoting,
    not be the winner of the SF, not get voted by many countries
    & not win in the OGAE pre-contest voting either
    but be the WINNER of the whole EuroVision.I would ofc prefer THIS scenario!

  • MarioVision

    Eldar lost in everything except that he won only in the televoting.Just that only.
    ~ He didn’t win in the OGAE pre-contest voting.(Hungary won)
    ~ He didn’t win on his SF (Greece won)
    ~ And he also didn’t win either on both the juries (Lithuania won)
    ~ & in televoting (Greece won) on the 1st SF.
    ~ He didn’t win in the juries on the Grand Final (Italy won)
    ~ And he didn’t get either the most douze points on the Grand Final (Bosnia did)

  • MarioVision

    His compatriot Farid in 2013 in Malmo’s EuroVision on the other way..
    ~ Won on his SF instead.
    ~ Earned even 13 points more than Eldar did in 2011.
    ~ Gathered the most points on the Grand Final! (10)
    (The winner Denmark had gathered just 2 less!)
    ~ Was not voted only by 9 countries that was 3 less than Eldar’s 12 countries.
    And this douche bad loser even had the nerve to be angry that he didn’t won!!
    Because he was just outsider for the win with that mediocre song..
    I really dislike ungrateful greety people like Farid! What a waste & pity..
    Because he is such handsome hot guy..
    Eldar on the other way is likable & sympathetic with smaller ego obviously.