Eurovision 2017: Sweden offers assistance in contest organisation

by Jessica Weaver 164 views9

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With talks and discussions already underway for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, set to be hosted in the winning nation of Ukraine, Sweden’s Culture Minister has offered the country’s assistance in the organisation of the competition.

During a meeting in the Swedish capital and the 2016 Eurovision host city of Stockholm, Sweden’s Culture Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke congratulated Ukraine on their Eurovision victory, in which we saw Jamala receiving the highest amount of points to date with her entry 1944.

Speaking to Ukraine’s Culture Minister Yevhen Nyshchuk following the country’s song contest triumph, Kuhnke went on to offer Sweden’s assistance in the organisation of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest, currently set to take place in Ukraine on the 16, 18 and 20 May 2017.

Alice Bah Kuhnke congratulates Yevhen Nyshchuk on Ukraine's Eurovision victory ( ©)
Alice Bah Kuhnke congratulates Yevhen Nyshchuk on Ukraine’s Eurovision victory ( ©)

According to Sweden’s Culture Minister, the nation is more than willing to send over their specialists to Ukraine in order to help with the implementation of some of their innovative ideas which were seen at this year’s competition, the organisation itself receiving high praise and positive feedback following the conclusion on the contest.

To date, a total of 5 cities have expressed their interest in hosting the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest; Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk. A final decision in regards to the host city is expected to be made and finalised by late summer following evaluation.

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  • MarioVision

    I hope that the EuroVision next year in UKRAINE
    to has also a largely international air/atmosphere like SWEDEN’s had.

    LOTS of things have changed since 2005 since the last time that Ukraine hosted the EuroVision.

  • andre

    Many things have changed, but unfortunately almost all of these have been for the worse and were changed because Sweden wanted.
    Ukraine can make a show without its help, and Sweden shouldnt look down in a subordinate way towards the winner country Ukraine.

  • MarioVision

    Well I don’t really agree with you..
    SWEDEN did needed changes that were only for the benefit of EuroVision..

  • andre

    Not at all, and Europeans never asked Sweden to convert ESC to a copy of their national show.
    It is obvious that these were for the benefit of them and their friends and helps them actually at the scoreboard, ie abolishion of running order draw (and giving repeatedly good spots to certain countries which for 2 years in a row dont match the televoting and are not truly representative of each country vote), spokespersons showing just jury results, and last but not least by inviting Australia again despite what was said last year (!) and also pushing as much as possible for its win this is destroying the identity of the EUROvision and everything eurovision.

  • Misha Brianski

    Sweden gave the victory to Ukraine to host Eurovision again? o_O
    It’s like Putin gave the presidency to Medvedev so he could stay as president for antoher two terms 😛

  • andre

    Sweden didnt want Ukraine to win, Sweden preferred for Australia to win.
    Ironically the change of the voting system helped Ukraine to win, but Sweden wanted Australia to win.
    Ukraine please dont accept Sweden’s ‘assistance’ in organising and changing the rules.
    It changed many rules and made them more unfair, but the worse was to invite Australia again despite what was said before esc 2015, and this was the beginning of the end of eurovision.

  • Marc Habberfield

    Ignorant and misguided comments. Sweden didn’t impose the change, only the EBU focus group can do that. However, the new voting was much better. Long may it continue.

  • Marc Habberfield

    I totally agree. Change is good!!

  • Marc Habberfield

    When will people like you understand that it is not a European show. It is for TV stations that are EBU members irrespective of which continent they are located on.