Eurovision Odds: High success for bookies’ semi predictions

by Richard West-Soley 4,759 views9

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It was a good night for pooled predictions on the first live evening of Eurovision 2016, with nine out of ten of the bookies’ favourites making it to the final.

Just before last night’s final, the pooled bookies predicted the ten finalists to be Russia, Armenia, Malta, Netherlands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Iceland, Hungary and Croatia, with the tenth to come from a tight battle between Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Estonia. In the end, Austria was the lucky one from those three, while Iceland dropped by the wayside to make way for Azerbaijan.

Bookmakers had correctly predicted the crash of Greece as its 100% qualification record was broken, although it was Bosnia-Herzegovina that shared this fate in the end, rather than Azerbaijan.

With eight countries now swept out of the running, the remaining odds for overall winner remain largely unchanged at the top. Russia, fresh from qualification last night, still reigns supreme amongst punters; odds are tightening, with some bookies offering less than evens for a Sergey victory.

The order remains familiar with Ukraine, France, Sweden, Australia, Armenia and Malta following the frontrunner, but Netherlands now creeps up into the bookies’ eighth place after a Douwe Bob’s semi success. Israel and Serbia complete the top ten, to be tested alongside Ukraine and Australia in tomorrow’s show.

If yesterday’s form is to be repeated, then the following bookies’ tips for qualification are likely to be the lucky ones at the current standing:

  • Ukraine
  • Australia
  • Serbia
  • Latvia
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Israel
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Norway



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  • MarioVision

    ICELAND was the only country that the bookies fell out.
    Who would had expected for Iceland to not qualify?
    Nobody, as we all expecting Greta to get her ticket 4 the Final.
    She was also surprised that she didn’t qualify. (she talked about this on her fb page)
    She had the whole package but shockingly she was eliminated early last night.

  • MarioVision

    I hope that in the place of LITHUANIA [that is still not so likely to qualify]
    we will see IRELAND getting the qualification to the Final instead.
    I would also prefer SWITZERLAND to qualify
    but I seriously doubt if Rykka can save her self from the elimination though.

    I’m not excited of seeing POLAND, LATVIA & SERBIA to the Final
    but they are going to qualify for sure [unfortunately]

  • RostBurov

    I did expect for Iceland not to qualify!
    I had 9 out of 10 right, missing out on The Nethelands for Bosnia.
    Still a shocker the Netherlads made it!
    Well, anyway, good luck to the Finalists! Cheers!

  • MarioVision

    Well you must were in the small minority of the very few people
    that were expecting ICELAND to get eliminated last night.
    Even if you still weren’t fan of Greta’s song.(this didn’t really matter here)
    I wasn’t happy that NETHERLAND qualified but I wasn’t really surprised about that,
    when this country rosed really high on the bookies odds the last days.

  • RostBurov

    Why are you getting so jerkyand personal on everyone who have other opinoins than yours?
    problems with your ego?

  • RostBurov

    He he ) Well, you’re not excited of seeing POLAND, LATVIA & SERBIA to the Final?
    I guess they feel the same about you!

  • RostBurov

    Unlike You – I’sm in a huge magority regaring this Contest )
    You’re just a jerk on your own LOL !

  • MarioVision

    @ I shouldn’t had replied to you from the first place.
    Its obviously YOU that is really problematic here
    You always offend me & troll against me.

    I really can’t stand you & your trollish ego.
    And I wasn’t at all rude to you,
    but you insulted me again.

    PLEASE stay away from me.

  • RostBurov

    Problematic is Your BIG MOUTH as mentioned before!
    Anyway who cares that blah blah blah of yours