Norway: Freddy Kalas faces song change in MGP

by Gil Laufer 157 views

The participating artists in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix were revealed lately. Freddy Kalas was supposed to take part in the competition with the song Happy rush. Howerver, it was figured that the song is very similar to his song Cannabus that was published back in 2011. 

According to NRK’s rules, only 100% original and new songs might take part in Melodi Grand Prix 2016, while the two songs – Happy rush and Cannabus – have the same chorus.

An urgent meeting was held by NRK to discuss the matter, as Freddy was in risk to be disqualified from the competition. Jan Fredrik Karlsen, MGP’s Executive Producer, decided that Freddy Kalas will not be disqualified from the competition, but will have to write a new chorus for the song in 24 hours, an assignment that was accomplished successfully.

The new version of the song is entitled Feel da rush and will participate in MGP 2016 on 27 February.

Listen to Freddy’s 2011 hit Cannabus:

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