Spain: Is Ruth Lorenzo northbound?

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The Spanish entrant in Eurovision 2014 had already expressed her wishes for a second entry in the future. The fans seem to wish to see that happen quite soon and some media speculate whether that could happen shortly… And even earlier than expected.

Ruth Lorenzo left a footprint in the memory of the Spanish Eurovision fans. She earned the support and the love of the followers of the Eurovision Song Contest with her commitment to excel in the competition, and the performance of her entry Dancing in the rain still stirs their hearts.

When Ruth Lorenzo came back to Spain after obtaining a 10th place in Copenhagen in 2014 she already stated that it was in her plans to try again. I’ll come back in 2017. It’s been an unforgettable experience… And I want to do it again! she said.

It appears that Lorenzo’s fans would like to see that come earlier. As reported by and, last Sunday the singer’s Fan Club started a campaign to spread the the hashtag #RuthLorenzoAEurovision (Ruth Lorenzo to Eurovision). The tag was tenth in the trending topic classification in Spain, as reported by Trendinalia.

Ruth Lorenzo blushed to this roar of support.


How possible is it?

Her intentions for a new Eurovision attempt are no mistery. For the past months the Spanish singer has said that she would like to go to Eurovision again if the Spanish broadcaster TVE requested it form her. The Spanish newspaper interviewed Ruth last May, asking pointblank whether she could be returning to the Contest one year earlier than expected. Her answer was clear with regard to her wishes, but not definite with regard to the actual plans: Start the campaign for me to go again. I enjoyed the Contest a lot, despite the amount of work.

More recently (and more clearly) she said to FormulaTV that if TVE proposed me to go I’d say yes undoubtedly.

There is no confirmation. There is even no announcement and no plans or signs have transpired from the Spanish broadcaster.

In the meantime Ruth Lorenzo continues working on the promotion of her album Planeta Azul and her participation in the Antena 3 show Tu cara me suena, which has shown her impressions of Lady Gaga and Sinéad O’Connor among others. Actually, the latest single of the special edition of Planeta Azul was presented last Friday. Echo is the title, and it is Ruth’s favorite song of the album’s new version, according to the singer herself.

There has been some speculation that it could be a candidate for an eventual Eurovision entry, informs the online version of the paper ABC, as it has been published in October and its duration does not exceed three minutes. Some claim that it is tailored for the Eurovision Song Contest, but its English-only lyrics might raise concerns about TVE’s willingness to have it as an entry.

It will still take some time before we know who TVE will choose for representing Spain in Stockholm in 2016. In the meantime, Ruth Lorenzo’s name echoes through the social media.

Ruth Lorenzo sang Dancing in the rain for Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

Will Ruth Lorenzo be the one? We’ll see. Whoever it is, will be bringing you the news. Keep clicking on us.

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