Artist: Tamta
Song Title: Replay
Participating Year: 2019
Show: Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Semi-final 1 (1st Half)

About Tamta

Tamta Goduadze is a Greek pop singer of Georgian origin. She was born in Tbilisi in 1981, where she lived until the age of 22, when she finally moved to Athens, Greece. Her involvement in music started off with her participation in the Greek reality show Super Idol in 2004, where she placed 2nd. On that show’s occasion, she released her first song To allo mou miso, a duet with her co-competitor and winner of the show, Stavros Konstantinou.

Since then, Tamta has pursued a very successful career in the Greek music industry and is currently one of the most well-known singers in both Greece and Cyprus. During her 14-year course in music, she has collaborated with many acclaimed artists and former Eurovision entrants, such as Sakis RouvasHelena Paparizou and Evridiki.

She has released 4 complete albums, as well as more than 30 both Greek and English singles, including Den telionei etsi i agapiKita meFotiaNiose tin kardiaGennithika gia senaIlious kai thalasses and Tag you in my sky.