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/ by Juha Repo -

Josh Dubovie does panto for Christmas

The UK entry from Oslo in 2010, Josh Dubovie, may not have experienced a huge success at the Eurovision Song Contest, nor go on to set the music charts on…

/ by Michalis Vranis -

Anna Vissi: new song released

Anna Vissi, one of the most popular singers in Greece, has just released her latest song called Den ine psema. The song is a co-production of the composer Nikos Karvelas…

/ by Juha Repo -

Abba museum to be opened in 2013

There have been plans for an ABBA museum to celebrate the 1974 first Eurovision Song Contest winners for some years now, but the project has been put repeatedly on hold….

/ by Juha Repo -

Angelica Agurbash loses her name in divorce

The Belarusian singer and former beauty queen, who sang at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, has been married to the multi-millionaire Russian businessman Nicholas Agurbash for 11 years. But now…

/ by Juha Repo -

New image, video and album for Celine Dion

One of the most successful Eurovision Song Contest winners ever, Celine Dion, has been back in the headlines. The Québécoise has released a video for the first song from her…

/ by Juha Repo -

Loreen to release debut album late October

The debut album from the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest winner Loreen is now available to pre-order with some online retailers. The album, believed to be called Heal, will be released…