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/ by Denis Randjelovic -

Serbia: Moje3 break up after Eurovision

Moje3 , the girl trio who represented Serbia  in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, is no more. Mirna Radulović, Nevena Božović and Sara Jovanović have decided to end the project amicably…

/ by Dániel Turgonyi -

Hungary: Kati Wolf releases new song

Kati Wolf, the  2011 Hungarian  Eurovision representative has released a new song today. Kati’s new song is  titled  Hívjuk elő!. The team behind Kati’s new melody are Nobert Szűcs, Péter Geszti ,…

/ by Eliza-Jane Oliver -

Latvia’s special message for you

PeR, who are representing Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo have sent a special message to readers. The band (whose name stands for please explain the…