EMA 2016

EMA, which stands for Evrovizijska Melodija, is the Slovene national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. EMA 2016 is included in Dnevi Slovenske Zabavne Glasbe (DSZG) 2016, a long-term musical project of festival events, where RTVSLO will present music creators and performers of different musical genres in Slovenia.

The winner will be chosen by two rounds of televoting – in the first round, an expert jury will select two entries to go to the superfinal. In the superfinal, televoting will be used to decide on the winner.

 Date  Time  Host(s) Venue Watch Online
27/02/2016 20:00 CET Klemen Slakonja RTVSLO Studios, Ljubljana TBA

# Artist Song Result
1 Anja Baš TBA YouTube
2 Anja Kotar TBA YouTube
3 D Base TBA YouTube
4 ManuElla TBA YouTube
5 Nuša Derenda TBA YouTube
6 Raiven TBA YouTube
7 Regina TBA YouTube
8 San Di EGO TBA YouTube
9 Sebastijan Lukovnjak TBA YouTube
10 Žan Serčič TBA YouTube

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