Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – Grand Final

27 countries will compete to win the Eurovision Song Contest trophy for 2015! After Conchita Wurst’s victory last may in Copenhagen, the contest will be held in Vienna, Austria. 40 countries in total will cast their votes during the show, having a VIP guest country, Australia competing and voting for the three show.

The page will updated with the 10+10 finalists proceeding from each semi-final. Stay tuned

Final (23 May)

#,,Country,Artist,Song,Votes on
-,[Australia],Australia,Guy Sebastian,Tonight again, Semi-final 1 + 2, Introducing article
14,[Austria],Austria,The Makemakes,I am yours, Semi-final 1, Introducing article
-,[France],France,Lisa Angell, N’oubliez pas,Semi-final 1, Introducing article
-,[Germany],Germany,Ann Sophie,Black smoke,Semi-final 2, Introducing article
-,[Italy], Italy,Il Volo, Grande amore,Semi-final 2, Introducing article
-,[Spain],Spain,Edurne,Amanecer,Semi-final 1, Introducing article
-,[United Kingdom],United Kingdom,Electro Velvet,Still in love with you,Semi-final 2, Introducing article