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/ by Gafurr Sahiti -

Albania: Rona Nishliu meets Adrian Lulgjuraj

Rona Nishliu, the pop jazz singer from Kosovo who represented Albania at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, supports the Albanian representatives at Eurovision 2013, Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar…

/ by Edward Montebello -

Introducing 2013: Hungary

Thirty-nine countries are competing with the aim to lift the trophy in Malmö. The thirty-first country to be introduced is Hungary. The country is still searching a victory in the…

/ by Michalis Vranis -

OGAE Poll 2013: Portuguese votes are in!

Following the tradition of the past 5 years, in collaboration with OGAE International, will deliver the results of the fan clubs’ votes as they are coming in. OGAE International…