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Watch now: Song selection in Armenia

Tonight Armenia will select its song for Malmö. The national broadcaster internally selected Gor Sujyan who will perform four songs. The writers of the songs in contention will be revealed…

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Armenia: Gor Sujyan to Malmö

Gor Sujyan will represent Armenia in Malmö, as it was announced today by The Eurovision Production Team of the Public Television of Armenia.  The 25th year old lead singer of…

/ by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani -

Armenia: National final on 2 March

AMPTV, the Armenian national broadcaster has changed their method to select their 2013 Eurovision entry. Last month the broadcaster had announced that Armenia would select their representative for Malmö internally….

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Armenia opts for internal selection

AMPTV, the Armenian national broadcaster has informed that Armenia will select their 2013 Eurovision representative via an internal selection.  has also learned that the mechanism to select the…

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Armenia confirms participation

C1- AMPTV, the national Armenian broadcaster has officially informed and confirmed to that Armenia will be competing at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The method and mechanism to select…