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Roy Knoops


Roy is our Dutch editor. Big fan of the competition for many years. He's reporting on all kinds of Dutch news!

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Eurovision 2015: The trophy’s story

In just over a week, the winner of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest will be known. Since 2008, the winning artist and composer(s) receive a permanent official trophy. Just as…

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Iceland: Icelands’ jury vote is safe

Due to a strike of the notaries working for the Reyk­javik Dis­trict Com­mis­sioner, the jury vote from Iceland seemed to be in jeapardy this year. However, a solution has been…

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Georgia: Nina Sublatti’s fans show their support

The fans of this year’s Georgian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Nina Sublatti, share their enthusiasm about the singer with a video-message addressed to the 39 other countries competing in…