Author: Jessica Weaver

Jessica Weaver

Head of Editorial Team

Jessica was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Eurovision has been a huge part of her life for a number of years, getting to see the contest live for the first time in 2015. Jessica joined the ESCToday team in November 2013.

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Russia: Dina Garipova in concert

Dina Garipova, who represented Russia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, will be performing at her solo concert on 13 November 2013 in the Russian city of Kazan. Over the past…

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Iceland: Eythor Ingi in concert

It has been revealed that Eythor Ingi, the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest representative for Iceland, will be performing in concert on the 8 November 2013 at the Íþróttahúsið Iða.  Eythor…