Author: Gil Laufer

Gil Laufer

Gil is 23 years old, grew up in Israel and lives in Sweden. He began following the Eurovision Song Contest at the age of five, when the contest was held in Jerusalem in 1999. Gil joined the ESCToday team in March 2008, shortly after co-hosting the Israeli national selection that year.

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Israel: New Format for the 2013 Selection

IBA, the Israeli broadcaster, has revealed the brand new format that will be used for choosing their 2013  Eurovision Song Contest entry: 30 artists will compete in three semifinals, and…

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Yardena & Dana release a new summer hit

Yardena Arazi & Dana International, two Israeli Eurovision Divas, has released a new song called Kshe’hagvarim Rokdim (When the men dance). The new song has became a local summer hit,…

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The Alexander Rybak Interview

Edward Montebello, our editor, has met Alexander Rybak, the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for Norway. He also performed yesterday during the interval act of the second semi-final…