UPD 13. Russian Girls Rock: Static staging

by Steve Holyer 71 views

If the stories about them are true – that they've never performed publicly together – then we just got the first ever look at the Russian power trio Serebro. The group does not disappoint the spectators. Their performance is fairly static, but they make their voices heard over the song's driving bass.

There is actually not much to write about Serebro's performance. The three young women stand center stage in front of of microphone stands. They are joined off to the side by two singers on backup duty and one guy playing electric guitar.

During the first sound check one of the girls visibly reacts, startled by the volume of her earpiece monitor. It's not the first time we've seen this today. One of the Spanish guys even seemed to grumble about it early on. But the rehearsal continues, and soon the driving base of the backing track is pulsing out of the speakers. The girls stand behind their mikes and belt out their song confidently. We didn't notice any major vocal problems, and we come close to calling it a perfect rehearsal.

The delegation takes a good long time between run throughs to discuss matters with the technical crew and with their performers. By the last run through the girls have added a few very simple dance steps, but the performance relies on the singing – which simply rocks.

The Russians are projecting a moving cross-hatch of red lines behind Serebro, which to our eyes leaves the stage looking too empty. Serebro's stage performance is a reminder of the Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja who sang for Switzerland two years ago, but the Ninjas played guitars (or pretended to), and they had a drummer to fill the stage.

The Russians are also experimenting. After a few run throughs, they replace the red lines with a Matrix inspired flow of characters in cold blue colours at the bridge – which ironically makes the band's performance seem warmer and fuller in the second half of the song.

Press Conference

They said that even though their band name means 'silver' they might make it gold if they work hard enough and give everything they have from them. But the name comes from their manager. "But we are not created for the Eurovision Song Contest but just an idea in the air for a long time." They confirmed this is indeed their first public performance.

Serebro said that in Russia the Eurovision Song Contest is very popular and they believe Russia is one of the most 'fan country' of the Contest.

While commenting on the political situation between Estonia and Russia they said that they do not want politics to interfere in the Euovision SongContestand they welcome the Estonian delegation to their party. However, they finished the press conference by singing a patriotic song.


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