UPD 12. Pretty in pink: Denmark goes all out

by Richard West-Soley 98 views

A much more technically successful rehearsal was marked by several performance changes for Denmark, including even more pink on stage, and an improved dance routine.

The white feathers are all gone, replaced entired by fuschia pink ones, and they look fantastic; now, the whole stage is awash with deep pinks and purples, and it looks amazing on screen. There are a lot of visual tricks played with the fans, and on TV they all fall properly into place. On camera, everything is centered beautifully, with shot emphasising the symmetrical nature of the presentation, DQ directly in front of the stage and the dancers navigating around him, all movement drawn back to the centre point like a magnet. Everything stresses the pure glamour that oozes from the performance and fills the small screen with three minutes of fun.

The pyros kick in nicely at the first chorus now, filling the stage with purple-tinged smoke which hangs in the air like a cloud. At the key change, an explosion of sparks marks another chorus.

Dress-rippingly successful
Happily, the dress-ripping moment passes with complete success this time, and that success is repeated in each successive run. The dress looks a lot better on screen than on the stage, where it tends to lose its glittery sheen and look a little dull. On the monitors, it sparkles like black diamond, before of course it is ripped off by DQ's male dancers.

The choreography has been altered, with even more dance moves added as the artists spin round DQ in front of the glittering crown, as the star turns in the opposite direction and the camera makes a tour around the group.

The vocal is sounding strong in the hall, but DQ must be careful not to force the higher notes too hard, as they sounded precarious at times, and need a little more control. Otherwise, nothing could spoil the mood set on stage, and the crowd – now looking a lot fuller after the dinner break – seemed to appreciate the song. Having the benefit of coming between two much slower songs in the running order, Denmark sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb, albeit one covered in glitter and pink feathers: unforgettable.

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