Eurovision 2014: Big 5 press conference re-cap

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After the first dress rehearsal of the grand final the Big 5 countries went straight to the Conference Room to meet the press and answer some questions.



The girls of Elaiza just watched their rehearsal and are making a last minute change on the backdrop for their final performance, and will work harder on their stage presentation to ensure that everything will be perfect.

Regarding their position in the running order, they are not worried about performing after Conchita and are very grateful for the chance to represent Germany, considering that only a few months ago, no one knew them.

[United Kingdom]

United Kingdom

Molly finally had the opportunity of rehearse in front of a live audience and said she felt more comfortable because of this.

She confessed that tomorrow night will be a long one with her closing the show, but she and the British team are really happy with the draw. She doesn’t believe that performing last has any advantage because the winner will be the one that entertains people the most.

When asked about if the BBC will bring back the public selection in future years, the Head of Delegation commented that they are very pleased with their selection this year, and have not thought about future years yet.



It was wonderful forTWIN TWIN as they have been performing gigs on different places around the city, with the spontaneous gig at their hotel being their favourite.

The three of them wanted to thank the organizers for the amazing party that is the Eurovision Song Contest, and for the impressive work done during the contest.

On their future plans, they revealed to have an upcoming tour and are working on new music to follow-up their album Vive la vie.



Basim arrived with his back up singers and the songwriters of his entry, and said he is having a really good time during the past weeks.

About his first dress rehearsal, he said he’s happy with the reaction of the people in the audience.  He also confessed being impressed with Conchita and with the parachute gimmick of The Shin and Mariko, calling it clever.

When asked which would be a good result for Denmark, the panel agreed on wining, but is up to people and the viewers and he hopes the best song wins.



The Italian delegation and Emma opened the press conference saying that she felt like Rihanna with the big entourage.

She told the press that she has changed her approach to the song and her attitude on stage, and that she wants to win the contest for her and for her country so she can bring her music beyond Italian borders.

Her team also explained that they had the idea of mixing Emma’s personality with the grandeur of the Roman Empire. That’s how the concept of the show was born.



Things are going well for Ruth after her first dress rehearsal. She is calm now, and will pray to God and the Universe to find peace before getting on stage.

Although she wanted to perform in the 22nd position, she is happy with the 19th as she fells like a 19 years old inside.

About the outfit, Ruth explained she decided to change it after the original one didn’t come across as they wanted. She also clarified that the new dress is a lend from a talented designer and was found online and brought to Denmark just for the contest. When Esctoday asked what she thinks of on stage, she kindly answered: I don’t think. I’ll try to fell every word and try to connect to the crowd and with the viewers at home.  

The six acts will join the 20 qualifiers on tonight’s Jury Final when the National Juries will cast their votes.

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