OGAE: early scoreboard after first 4 juries

by Benny Royston 65 views

As the OGAE Clubs across Europe gather to vote on this year's Eurovision Song Contest, esctoday.com will be keeping a record of the results and updating our readers on each meeting and the overall scoreboard. So far, France, Portugal, Spain and Turkey have voted, leaving Belarus one point ahead of Slovenia at the top of the leaderboard.

Because some OGAE clubs allow voting on their own entry, esctoday.com will remove the 'home vote' from the scores and award points per country in the traditional Eurovision Song Contest way. With the first four juries announced, the early scoreboard looks like this.

31 Belarus
30 Slovenia
27 Switzerland
21 Cyprus
17 Greece
17 Serbia
12 France
12 Germany
12 Ukraine
10 Georgia
9 Romania
7 Russia
6 Bosnia & Herzegovina
6 Bulgaria
5 Denmark
4 Spain
3 Turkey
2 Netherlands
1 Moldova

As each OGAE club declares their votes, esctoday.com will publish a report and add regular updates with the full scoreboard to date.

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