Belgian Sergio has faith in himself

by Daniel Ringby 24 views

A Swedish journalist called him a huge clown, but Belgian Tom Jones clone Sergio does not care. “I'm a great artist who's going to win tonight”, Sergio says.

Among the Belgians, there is no doubt as to who the King of Entertainment is. For more than fifteen years, blonde Sergio has been one of the most prominent entertainers in Belgium.

On his list of achievements is listed everything from club performances to his own tv show 'One hour, full power'.
“As you can see, I'm a really talented man. My biggest dreams has always been to participate in the ESC, and now I'm finally going to. Life doesn't get any better than this”, Sergio says and laughs.

But even if his countrymen have learnt to love him over the years, there are still people who are less fascinated by Sergio's at times loutish conduct. Swedish news paper Expressen's journalist Anders Nunstedt was on the same plane to Tallinn as Sergio and then wrote that he is hoping for the Belgian clown to finish 11th – which would mean that Belgium is kicked out in 2003.

“Bah, I don't care about things like that”, Sergio says when confronted with the criticism. “Everybody is entitled to an opinion, and I wouldn't be where I am today if I'd listened to all the people who don't like me. As long as the people love me, I'm happy.”

Sergios Tom Jones-ish song “Sister” is oen fo the top favourite this year.
“But it's going to be hard tonight”, Sergio admits. “Sweden and Afro-Dite have an awesome song. I think it'll be a battle between Belgium, Sweden and perhaps Germany”, Sergio finishes.

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